TULSA, Oklahoma - Three men accused of murdering an 18-year-old will be in a Tulsa courtroom Wednesday. We followed this crime as it unfolded in September of 2017.

Eighteen-year-old Anthony Pietrzak had been missing for a week before officials found his body. Three people were arrested in connection to the murder.

Investigators say that Tracy Price, Dearld Peal and Wesley White worked together to kidnap Pietrzak, bind him and beat him up. Officials say the boy was left in a field to die.

Police say the interview process was long and challenging. They add that they questioned many people before they got a tip that led them to Peitrzak's body.

Price and Peal were first arrested in connection to the murder. White was arrested at a later time.

Detectives say that Peal's daughter was dating Pietrzak, and Peal told detectives that Pietrzak was abusing his daughter. But Peitrzak's family says that *she was the one abusing him.

All three men on trial are facing both kidnapping and murder charges.


Tracy Price, Darld Peal and Westley White mug shots.