TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police have arrested a man they say was recording women in a fitting room. A woman said she saw Stephen Paige stick a phone under a partition at the Forever 21 at Woodland Hills Mall two weeks ago.

Police said a search of Paige's phone uncovered more than 20 other photos and videos from November 18th and November 21st. Police also say they asked Forever 21 managers to MAKE CHANGES TO THE dressing rooms the last time this happened there, in order to prevent more victims, but that didn't happen.

"We talked to them about this other dressing room. They said they'd clean it out and make it available where they could have a female dressing room and a male dressing room. Well, here we are today and realizing that didn't happen," said TPD Sgt Jillian Phippen.

She says Forever 21 told police the last time this happened, their male dressing room was being used for storage. Police say separate areas could help prevent crimes like this.

"It's very frustrating because now we have more victims and that was the whole point of educating them so we didn't have more victims," said Sgt. Phippen.

They say on November 21st, a 19-year-old woman noticed a phone recording her under the divider, so she notified managers and security. Police say he denied photographing her and they found nothing on his phone but said he gave them permission to examine it.

Police say that examination revealed 17 video files recorded that day showing the victim and other women and even Paige's face and six more videos from three days earlier and all had been deleted on the 21st.

"Just know we're going to get you, find you, take care of this and make that arrest," said Sgt. Phippen.

The reality is now whenever a woman goes into a dressing room, or a bathroom, or a locker room, or tanning salon, she's got to take a few minutes to look around and see if there could be any kind of camera nearby.