TULSA, Oklahoma - The family of an Oklahoma veteran found dead in a creek near Sand Springs is asking for answers.

Greg Thompson's little brother will turn 51 years old this year, the same age Greg was when he was killed. The family still doesn't know exactly how he died, and they say they are hopeful that one day those answers will come.

Greg Thompson's family says they are trying their best to move on without him.

"My life did change all at once," said Greg’s brother Jeff Biswell. "He is an inspirational guy in my life. He served in the Army and he inspired me to be in the military as well."

The family put up their Christmas decorations for the fourth year in a row knowing that Greg would not get to enjoy them. His brother Jeff says one of the hardest parts of dealing with Greg's death has been not knowing how it happened.

"His body was discovered in Big Heart Creek up by Sand Springs December 5, 2015, and we have never really had any answers. No closure at all," said Jeff.

Jeff says Greg was a kind man with a big heart for his family. He says Greg was trying to make some changes in his life and build a relationship with his daughter and granddaughters.

"Everything was starting to get better," said Jeff. "My twin brother called me the morning of December 5th. I still remember the exact spot I was standing when he gave me the news."

Detectives say someone found Greg's body in a creek near Sand Springs. They have spent the last three years following leads but say they still aren't sure if Greg was the victim of a hit and run or if he was murdered.



"I have settled into the fact that there may never be any answers,” said Jeff.

As they try and move on with their lives, Jeff says he has never lost hope that one day he might be able to find some closure, knowing what happened to his brother.

"You just hang onto your faith and you just hope that law enforcement can get a break and either somebody will come forward or some evidence will come forward," said Jeff.

Detectives say there is surveliance video of Greg from a gas station and a gentleman’s club nearby the area where the body was found. Detectives say he looked like he was having some trouble getting on his bike after leaving the club. Detectives believe there are three possibilities:

  1. Greg crashed his bike after he left the gentleman’s club 
  2. Greg was killed by a hit and run driver 
  3. Someone killed Greg and made it look like a hit and run 

Detectives are asking anyone with information on this case to call Crime Stoppers. Your tips remain anonymous.