TULSA, Oklahoma - Rhema Bible Church is ramping up security after about 100 teenagers were involved in a big fight at the school’s Christmas lights display.

The head of security at Rhema says they don't want to reveal exactly what changes are being made but he says he can promise visitors that what happened last weekend will never happen again.

Director of Security Larry Johnson says he's never seen anything like this happen at the Rhema Christmas lights display.

"In 37 years, we've never had one incident. Not one," Johnson.

Johnson has more than 55 years of experience in law enforcement, but he says what happened still caught him by surprise.

"Saturday night, we had 50 to 100 young people come out here en masse, and they came out with one thing in mind, and that's to disrupt this place," said Johnson. "They just caught us off guard. That was the last thing we would've ever expected."



But Johnson says that won't happen again.

"It's sad, because like I said, it puts us now on a razor edge, because we have a duty and obligation to make sure people feel safe when they come out here," said Johnson.

He says they've been prepping and working with Broken Arrow Police all week long.

"We're prepared. Things are gonna change," said Johnson.

He says he can't reveal what exactly the changes are but he says their 24/7 operation ramped up immediately.

"It will be safe, I promise you that. And there will be no more of this type of situation that happened last Saturday," said Johnson.

Johnson says Rhema spends three months putting up the display and an incident like this one will not dim their lights.

"They're not gonna defeat us. We're going to continue having our lights, so people can come out here and enjoy it," said Johnson.

Broken Arrow Police say they say at this point, there's not much more they can do unless someone comes forward and files a police report.