TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa married couple is sharing their story after they were caught in a magnitude 7.0 earthquake while vacationing in Alaska.

"All of a sudden it's just like a freight train just went over your face it was just like the whole house was moving and everything was falling off of the shelves," Nicki Moore

Nicki and her husband were on vacation, staying at a cousins house when last week's quake hit.

"It was kind of chaotic cause for us we are thinking F5 tornados are about to rip the house apart that's what it felt like," said Nicki.>

Moore says anything that wasn't anchored down or into a wall was on the floor.

"Alaska you and your jokes you and your goofs scaring everybody"

The Alaska Earthquake Center says two people had life-threatening injuries and dozens more had cuts and broken bones. The quake caused damage to roads, closed schools, and caused power outages. What scared Nicki and her husband even more through, their kids were more than 35-hundred miles away.

"We started getting notifications here on our phone from channel 6 tornado warning headed straight to Skiatook where our kids are so by the time we went to bed that night we had enough natural disasters for a day," said Nicki.

Moore says she's thankful her kids weren't hurt and says this is a trip she'll always remember.

"We were going up there looking for a memorable time and we got one," she said.

The Alaska Earthquake Center says as of December 2nd there's been more than 1,400 recorded aftershocks.