A Green Country woman says her granddaughter is not a killer but a drug addict who needs help. Her granddaughter Toni Heath and her granddaughter’s boyfriend Alex Schmitt have been charged with murder. Tulsa Police say Heath and Schmitt sold heroin to Eric Adams. Police say Eric overdosed and died the next day.

This year the Oklahoma Attorney General has pushed law enforcement to come down harder on drug dealers when someone dies from a product they sold. These charges are an example of that push.

When Debra Heath looks at her granddaughter Toni Heath’s mug shot, she says she doesn’t see a killer but a struggling woman who is addicted to drugs and needs help. Heath says knowing her granddaughter is facing a murder charge has been heart wrenching.

"It's like ripping out my heart and stomping on it," Heath says.

“She has always been just Toni Marie. She is self-sufficient and I have always been so proud of her."

Debra says her granddaughter has always been a hard worker and focused on family until she became addicted to drugs. Now she is in jail, facing a murder charge. Police say Heath and Alex Schmitt supplied the heroin that killed Eric Adams.

Debra says Eric’s death is tragic and says he is also a victim of heroin addiction.

"He knew what he was going to do when he stuck that needle in his arm. He knew he could die,” Heath said, “Was her addiction any worse than his?"

"I'm sorry that the young man died but he was also a victim of being addicted to heroin," Debra said. "He knew what he was going to do when he stuck that needle in his arm. He knew he could die - was her addiction any worse than his?"

The affidavit said Heath admitted to police she sold heroin to Eric 24 hours before he overdosed. Heath's grandmother said Heath did what her boyfriend told her to do.

"If you're addicted and you've got a supplier you are going to do what they say," said Debra.

Eric Adam’s mother Kelli Adams, says she's devastated her son died just months before his baby girl was born and she'll never know her father. She says she commends the Attorney General for his commitment to the ongoing opioid crisis.

“The charges were brought forth by the Attorney General’s office who deemed them appropriate. I commend Mike Hunter for his commitment to the ongoing opioid crisis. We have entirely too many overdoses happening in Oklahoma and Nationwide," Adams said.

"It is past time to get these drugs off our streets. I choose at this time to focus on my health and family to include Eric’s daughter that was born just two weeks ago. It saddens me that she will never know her father.”

Debra says her granddaughter needs to pay for her crimes but says she should not be held accountable for another addicts’ choices.

"I just want them to look at my granddaughter and think it could be their child. We should be doing more than sending our young people to jail because they are addicted to drugs," said Heath.

Heath's family said this is a tragedy for all the families involved because they are all dealing with drug use.