TULSA, Oklahoma - People across Green Country are preparing for winter weather expected this weekend. Gas stations, hardware and grocery stores were busy with people getting everything they need for the next few days.

Chuck Kaun is originally from Minnesota, so he’s used to dealing with snow.

“It’s gonna be a pain in the butt for about two or three days, then it'll be fine,” Kaun said.

He filled up his gas tank Thursday, and still plans to do a few more things to get prepared. 

"I'll go pick up another gallon of milk,” Kaun said. “Maybe a frozen pizza. That's it."

The shelves at Reasor’s are full - and managers say they have more essentials in the back. Co-Manager Kevin Wilson says it’s been a busy day at the Brookside location.

People like Mike Adam are stocking up on a lot more than bread and milk.

"Things that I can quickly make,” he said.

The grocery store is his last stop before waiting out the storm.

"I got an ice scraper, I do,” Adam said. “Gloves, I'm prepared in that department."

It's a busy day at Midtown Hardware, too. Manager Richard Womack says people have been buying ice scrapers, de-icer and gloves.

But Womack says it seems many people are forgetting “Ice Melt.” 

“A lot of people just aren't prepared for that, because we haven't had a bad storm in years,” Womack said.

Governor Mary Fallin declared a state of emergency for all 77 counties.