TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police say they're investigating the deaths of two men the Whispering Oaks Apartments. The apartments are located near 11th Street and Highway 169.

Officers say the two men appeared to have died from gunshot wounds. Police say they have reason to believe the shooting was drug-related because they found several vacuumed-sealed bags of marijuana in the apartment.

Officers say they came to the Whispering Oak Apartments after someone called saying they heard shots around 4 a.m.

"Responded to the location and found some stuff outside in the area that drew their attention to a second floor," said Corporal Nathan Schilling, Tulsa Police.

Officers say they noticed an open apartment door and went inside and found two men shot and killed. Officers also found several vacuum sealed bags of marijuana inside the apartment making them think this could be drug related

When we arrived, officers were using a K9 to search the area around the apartment.

Officers said they searched the area and the said the only thing witnesses heard was the initial gunshots.

"Very early stage of this investigation and obviously we are actively investigating," Schilling said.

Right now they say they don’t have a suspect description.