BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - Broken Arrow Police arrested a man after they say he stole from a Department of Human Services employee who was helping him.

Bradley Butler is in the Tulsa County Jail after Broken Arrow police say he stole the woman's wallet, then started using her cards.

Broken Arrow Police say the DHS worker gave Bradley Butler a ride to the Canterbury Inn, after a supervised visit with two relatives. After dropping him off, she noticed her wallet was missing from the center console.

The victim told police Butler acted quickly, charging more than $50 to her credit card at the Stop n Save on North Elm Place.

But she acted quickly, too, by calling her bank right away.

She says just minutes later, her bank confirmed another purchase for more than $70. She told police while she was on the phone with her bank, he tried to make another purchase.

"She was able to talk to the representative and have that charge stopped,” Broken Arrow Officer James Koch said. “And then the card canceled."

Police followed up at the Stop n Save.

"The officer was able to talk to the clerk and view some video footage and saw a person on the camera matching the description that officers were given,” Koch said.

Police went to Butler's hotel, where they found the wallet and arrested him. Butler’s arrest affidavit says he admitted to using the stolen credit card at the convenience store.

Koch said the Broken Arrow Police Department is seeing an uptick in financial crimes right now.

"It usually happens during the holidays because people are shopping, they are going out,” Koch said.

Police say the victim did get her wallet and cards back.