TULSA, Oklahoma - Hayden Umdenstock is in the Tulsa County Jail, facing a first degree murder complaint for the death of his father.

Hayden’s arrest affidavit lists three separate times when he told police he killed his dad, Zachary.

After questioning blood in the home, Broken Arrow police say Hayden told them, “Me and my dad got in a fight…Yeah, he’s dead in there.”

It says, “Officer Pickup and Baskins asked him, ‘He’s dead?’”

The affidavit says Hayden’s response was, "Yeah, he's dead. I killed him."

It says Hayden also told officers, "We got in a fight in the garage and then I killed him in his sleep."

He explained the fight was physical and happened about a week earlier, adding he, "waited until he went to sleep and then I killed him," according to the affidavit.

These words come after a concerned family member called police after she hadn't heard from Zachary in several days.

When police showed up, they saw Hayden smoking a cigarette on the back porch. Officers say he eventually let them inside, where they decided to take him in for questioning.

“Just the fact that the son was on the scene inside the house at the time that led investigators to take custody of the person,” Broken Arrow Officer James Koch said at the scene Friday.

Friends are sharing what the 42-year-old was like.

Austin Taylor tells News On 6 in part, "What I can say about Zac is that he had a huge heart and always had his door open to anyone and everyone. He brought joy and laughter to every room that he came into.”

Michael Kramer says, "I will miss him dearly and he was an excellent friend. This is the saddest situation I have ever heard of in my life."

Part of Zachary's obituary reads, "He was well-liked by all that knew him and his good nature, humor, spontaneous wit and pranks will be missed by all."

Broken Arrow Police have not released how Zachary was killed.

His obituary says the funeral will be held Friday.