OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police have responded to nearly 400 emergency calls this year at the Biltmore Hotel near Interstate 40 and Meridian Avenue.  

A 60-year-old woman was found stabbed to death last Friday inside a hotel room.    

Officers were led to the hotel after Glenn Van Scoyoc, 55, called an unidentified woman. An arrest affidavit states Scoyoc told the woman he blacked out and discovered the victim in his hotel room the next morning.

“They located the deceased female and a male suspect inside that room,” said Officer Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City Police Department.

Police said Scoyoc put up a fight as officers were taking him into custody. He was taken to an area hospital for injuries.


Scoyoc later told detectives he met the victim at a bar on Shields Avenue. He admitted to bringing the woman back to his rented room and stabbing her to death.

Scoyoc told officers he could not remember the victim's name or the name of the bar.

“The suspect was taken into custody,” said Morgan. “And booked into the Oklahoma County jail for a possession of CDS warrant, as well as, first degree murder.”

While detectives investigate the only murder of the year at the hotel, police said it can be a dangerous area. Officers have responded to hundreds of 911 calls at the address.

“Officers have responded to various types of calls,” said Morgan. “Ranging from disturbances to just requests for extra patrol.”

Disturbances at the hotel lead the list, followed by domestic situations, thefts, car thefts and check the welfare calls. The 2018 month with the most calls was May, with 46 emergency calls made by the public.

Police will release the murder victim's name once they notify her family.