TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa driver described the scary moments leading up to what he calls a road-rage wreck on Highway 75 near the 61st Street exit. His wife recorded the crash on her cell phone this afternoon but it's what the camera doesn't show that is leaving them still shocked.

The video shows what happened seconds before the crash. You can see an SUV swerve right into a pickup and lose control. Debris flys by as the SUV lands on the cable barriers in the median on Highway 75 between 61st and 71st.  But Horace and Shannon Surratt say their video only shows part of the story.

"From the time that we met up with them, I mean, you could tell, they were goosing each other, mad at each other," said Horace.

They say it all started as the two drivers were merging from I-44. The Surrat's says the drivers kept cutting each other off. Horace says what happened next was no accident but road rage.

"We were watching it the whole time and it was an intentional sideswipe, which is the most irresponsible thing I've ever seen out on the highway," said Horace.

Horace and Shannon are thankful none of their young drivers were on the road when this happened.

"I think about my kids every time. That could've happened in front of them, caught them up in it, you know, who knows?" said Horace. "I've seen altercations on the road before but I've never seen anybody just be that irresponsible and lose their temper to the point where they put their own lives in danger."

The Surratts say they didn't call police because they saw flashing lights right after the crash. For now, Tulsa officers say no has been arrested but they hadn't seen the video when the report was filed.