TULSA, Oklahoma - A driver ran a stop sign and her car hit a school bus, Tulsa Police say.

Tulsa Police say 25 students were on the bus headed to Clinton West Elementary School when the collision happened just before 7:30 Wednesday morning.

Officers say the car was headed north when it ran a stop sign and hit the bus that was going east. The impact pushed the bus into a ditch; it then skidded about 100 feet until it came to a stop on a parking lot.

"I think they hit corner to corner, so where the blue car hit the bus would be almost at the door where the children usually enter and go out," said Corporal Will Dallsing, Tulsa Police.

The crash ripped the front bumper and paneling off the bus, shattered the door’s windows, ripped one door off its hinges and smashed the stairs.

None of the children on the bus was hurt, but four children inside the car were taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

Police say the children in the car were not wearing seat belts - neither was their mother, who was driving the car.

"It's pretty shocking when you run across a car with four children in it with no seat belts," Dallsing said.

Officers cited the woman for running a stop sign and also gave her a ticket because no one in the car was wearing a seat belt.

A second school bus picked up the students from the damaged bus and took them to class.

TPS sent a second bus to the scene in order to get the students from the damaged bus to Clinton West Elementary School.