SPAVINAW, Oklahoma - A Spavinaw man says he is thankful for the Humane Society of Tulsa and several other non-profits tonight for rescuing 87 dogs from his property. The Humane Society says the dogs were living in deplorable conditions when they were rescued.

Along with the hum of a space heater, you could only hear the whine of newborn puppies and a few occasional barks from dogs kenneled at the Humane Society of Tulsa Wednesday. Staff members said it's a strange kind of quiet for a shelter packed with 87 newly rescued dogs.

“The dogs are just so nervous they don't know how to react. You go to the cage and they hunker in the corner," said Humane Society of Tulsa’s Ashley Villines.

The Humane Society says they teamed up with several nonprofits for the rescue including the Oklahoma Medical Reserve Corps. Staff members say two of the dogs rescued are in critical condition and while some have medical issues they say most of the animals appear to have been well fed. They say the dogs were living in trailers covered in feces with undrinkable water.

“They had I think it was four mommas that have had puppies within the last week to two weeks. So we have these tiny little babies and we have no idea who goes with who," said Villines.

The owner says he lived in the trailer with his wife and 40 dogs and says the conditions were unlivable. He says the other 47 animals were scattered on his property in kennels, pins, and trailers.

"Now that they are gone and I know they will go to good homes it's a relief. I am so proud of the Tulsa Humane society for coming down here," said Villines, "I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart but I do miss my babies.”

Stonebarger says he loved the animals and did the best he could for them but says having so many was taking a toll on his health and finances.

"Nobody would help. It took something like somebody reporting me to the police department to get the help I needed," said Stonebarger

The Humane Society of Tulsa says some of the dogs are friendly and doing well but most of them are terrified.

“They were trying, they just had too much going on and so these dogs were suffering as a result," said Villines.

"I miss my babies and the dogs are in a better place now then what they were in here. I understand that," said Stonebarger, “It’s a blessing in disguise."

News On 6 asked Spavinaw Police Officers if they are expecting any charges to be filed against the owners. They say the case is still under investigation. In the meantime, Humane Society of Tulsa is asking for donations, you can find a list of needed items on their Facebook page and on Amazon.