TULSA, Oklahoma - Many people living at a Tulsa Apartment Complex are in the dark for a second night in a row because their power has been shut off.

Residents at Addison Apartment Complex near Admiral and Mingo say their electricity is included in their bill, but the power is out and the manager of the Addison Apartment Complex is nowhere to be found. AMG Realty owns the complex and several others in Tulsa and they've declined all of News on 6’s calls along with the apartment complex manager.

Many people say they are upset with the way things are run at Addison Apartment Complex and they want something to be done.

"Thank god I was done cooking dinner,” said Katherine Clay. “I sat down to eat, lights went out and they’ve been out since then."

Katherine Clay says she's lived at Addison Apartment Complex for nine months and in that time, her power has been shut off twice. She says her electricity is included in her rent and her rent was paid on time.

“I called PSO last night reported an outage. Called again this morning reported an outage and they called me back and said the apartment complex's case or their file had been closed,” said Clay.

Clay says some of the residents who pay PSO directly still have power, but hundreds in the complex who have utilities included are just wondering what will be shut off next.

“We have no heat, we can't take a shower because there’s no hot water. So yeah they need to make this right,” said Clay.

“I’m like this ridiculous and not safe,” said Resident, Virgin Garland. “Half of us are on section eight housing and you’s taking our money and what is you really doing with it.”

Garland says they've had several other problems with the complex. He says they couldn’t use the laundromat for several months, the refrigerator that was issued to him had mold and they've also had to deal with bees and rats in their apartment. He says he has complained to management several times but they haven’t done anything to fix it.

“I’m like we ain't blaming you, but if you can’t run this by yourself then you need to get you some help,” said Garland.

Garland also said their pool wasn't filled up this summer and they also constantly have to deal with nails on the playground so it’s very unsafe for children. He says they also deal with a lot of crime and their cars have been broken into.

Another resident says he's had problems with complex management before, but seeing how dark the complex was last night made him very uncomfortable.

“When I seen it, it was pitch black,” said Riley Avey. “It looked like something off the purge or something. I thought man there’s something wrong with this it can't be right.”

Avey says he has several elderly neighbors and many of his neighbors also have kids so he hopes something can be done about the power soon.

“It’s an uncomfortable feeling because I have kids just as well as everybody else and there’s elderly people out here that are sick that are on machines and need stuff,” said Avey.

Many of the residents say they haven't seen or heard from their apartment manager in several days and the office along with their laundry room is locked. They say they want answers.

“It’s not hurting the management that they cut the power off here,” said Clay. “It’s hurting all these people in the apartments.”

For the past few nights, Clay says her kids have been staying with friends because she doesn't want them to have to stay in an apartment with no power.

“I can tough it out but I don’t want to make my kids suffer because of bad management,” said Clay.

News on 6 also called all of the other apartment complexes that AMG owns in Tulsa and they have declined to put us in touch with management.