STILLWATER, Oklahoma - A Oklahoma baseball great is giving back to his high school alma mater with a big donation.

Matt Holliday graduated from Stillwater High School in 1998 and a gift of $350,000 will improve Stillwater's Couch Park.

Matt played for the St. Louis Cardinals when the team won the World Series in 2011 and is currently with the Colorado Rockies.

 This week, Stillwater Public Schools recognized Holliday for donating the money to the school district.

“It’s important to me to help out a program that was influential in the development of me as an athlete and person. The facilities are not up to the level this program deserves. I think this turf and a few other improvements will take Couch Park to a respectable level,” said Matt Holliday.

Holliday says the donation will allow Couch Park to rival other 6A competitors across the state and and bring it to a respectable level.

 Stillwater Public Schools says the average life of turf is about 10 years.