SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma - Law enforcement agencies from two cities are working together right now to find a man they say is robbing Dollar General Stores in Tulsa County.

Sand Springs Police Officers said they are working alongside deputies at the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office because they think the man they are looking for is connected to crimes in both cities.

Investigators said the man waited until the store was closing to make his move. They say the robber had a gun when he walked up to the cash register and demanded money.

They said the man didn't point the gun at anyone in the store but the employees did see it. Police think he got away in a white Chevy Impala.

Detectives spent the day looking for surveillance video from businesses in the area and talking to witnesses. They said last week the Dollar General in Berryhill was also robbed right before closing time. Officers are working to figure out if the robberies are connected.

"The timing of it is because they know the registers are being counted and they are being dropped in the safe and there is not a lot of employees in there and they can get in a get out without a lot of fuss," said Sand Springs Police Captain Todd Enzbrenner.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Sand Springs Police Department or the Tulsa County Sheriffs Office.