GREEN BAY, Wisconsin -

Four F-16 fighter jets from Tulsa did a flyover at Lambeau Field in Wisconsin on Sunday. 

The jets, from the 138th Fighter Wing based at Tulsa International Airport, flew over the stadium before the Green Bay Packers game against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, December 9, 2018. 

The Green Bay Packers shot video of the flyover and shared the video with News On 6.


Image of the tail of one of the Tulsa F-16s.

The Packers say teams request flyovers from the Pentagon, which then lets units around the country choose which ones in which they'd like to participate. They say one of the pilots from the 138th has ties to Wisconsin.

The jets staged at Green Bay-Austin Straubel International Airport. Photos posted by show the four pilots using brooms to sweep the heavy frost off of their jets. The temperature in Green Bay was 15 degrees Sunday morning, climbing to a high of 28. 

Image of the four Tulsa pilots who performed the flyover at Lambeau Field.

The flyover must have been good luck for the Packers; they beat the Falcons 34-20.

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