TULSA, Oklahoma - "Hi, I'm Gunner. Sapulpa is my hometown."

Twenty out of one million children born in the United States are diagnosed with a rare, skin disorder called EB. Children like 6-year-old Gunner have skin that's so fragile it easily blisters, and there is no cure.

Gunner's mom sent a letter to News On 6 saying for just one day she wanted her little boy to forget the pain of his debilitating disease. It turned out his biggest idol is pretty easy to get ahold of around here -helping create a day Gunner will always remember.

Six-year-old Gunner King is a sweet boy - with a great smile - living with a devastating diagnosis.

"Epidermolysis Bullosa - or EB for short - is a rare, genetic skin disorder," said Gunner's mother Emily.

Gunner's mom says his skin is so fragile it's unable to stay on his body, often leading to blisters that can make a simple touch too much to bear.

A short life filled with so much pain hasn't stopped Gunner from dreaming big about the future.

When his mom asked if he could meet anyone in the world, Gunner's wish brought him to News On 6 and his idol Travis Meyer.

He got a ride to the studio in a stormtracker truck with his name on it. He told Travis he wants to be a meteorologist like him.

Travis wasted no time showing Gunner the ropes.

Travis: "This is our cold fronts and our warm fronts. Have you ever learned about cold fronts and warm fronts?"
Gunner: "I think that blue is cold and red is hot."
Travis: "You are incredibly awesome."

From the radar to our skycams, Trav showed Gunner all the tools we have to keep an eye on the sky. One special moment was when birds decided to land on a skycam while they were watching.

After a successful crash course in Meteorology 101, Gunner was ready for his TV debut.

Travis: "Put your hand right out there - say that's where rain is coming."
Gunner: "That's where the rain's coming."

Gunner suited up just like his mentor - from the red tie, right down to the white pocket square.

Travis: "Say: it's 88 in Tulsa, can you do that?"
Gunner: "It's 88 at Tulsa."
Travis: "Say: let's look at the 7-day planner."
Gunner: "Let's look at the 7-day planner."
Travis: "Excellent. I love that."

But Gunner's big day at News On 6 is far from over. He was greeted with cheers and signs from some of the other News On 6ers.

Travis: "Can you believe this. They've got signs that say 'go Gunner.' Craig Day says you rock."
Gunner: "Thank you."

The sweet surprises that light up his face kept coming.

"Oh Christmas," Gunner said when he saw a cake decorated in his honor.

"It's not Christmas, look closer," his mom said.

"Oh, that's a tornado," her son said.

A simple wish that for one day took away the pain and helped a little boy live his dreams.

"You now are officially an honorary member of our meteorology staff. Gunner King - and there I am," Travis said.

"I signed it for you. That is your face. So wherever you go, you'll be part of the Channel 6 meteorology team. Congratulations."

"Thank you so much for making my son's day and for making my mother heart very happy," said Emily King.

"It means a lot to me to see a smile on his face because it is not all the time he has a smile on his face."

"I really appreciate you taking the time and being sincere showing him a good day. We love you," she said.

Gunner is such a super fan, he was thrilled when Trav's Wild Weather Camp came to his school - Jefferson Heights Elementary in Sapulpa.