TULSA, Oklahoma - Senator Jim Inhofe responded to controversy regarding stocks he owned in defense companies. Inhofe purchased more than $50,000 in stock in the defense company Raytheon just days after encouraging President Donald Trump to increase defense spending.

He has since sold the stock.

The senator said it's correct that he has old and new investments in defense-related stocks but that he had no direct role in buying or selling the stock.

Inhofe said Friday morning that a Tulsa firm handled the transaction and he wasn't consulted or involved.

“I'm among 900 families right here in the Tulsa area and surrounding area, by Capital Advisors. I make no decisions, I have no knowledge of what they do, but it's true. After the fact, that has to be filed with the federal government, but every quarter or so that's filed,” said Inhofe.

Inhofe said he has not asked the firm to avoid any particular industry because he said it's impossible to avoid any possible conflict as a lawmaker. He said in keeping with the Senate ethics rules, his investments are managed by a financial company, and he has no direct control over what they do.

We also talked to Senator Inhofe about immigration.

As Congress heads toward a possible partial government shutdown Trump's  border wall, Senator Inhofe says he's all for it. He believes it's a good way to curb illegal immigration and encourage legal immigration.

"You know I've been blessed to talk to naturalization ceremonies," Inhofe said.

"These people come in they learn the language, they learn the history. They do what they should do to become citizens of the United States. And they become our best citizens. I'm not about to have something where people can just pass them up and come in illegally - I think he's dead right on this thing."