ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - A man released from prison after stalking, harassing and assaulting his ex-wife, is now back behind bars.

This time, George Thomas is accused of sending 150 messages on Facebook to the district attorney who sent him to prison, some considered to be death threats.

Reporter Lori Fullbright first started covering Thomas in 2014 when he was arrested over and over for violating a protective order filed by his ex-wife and when he slammed his truck repeatedly into her car, with her inside.

Rogers County DA Matt Ballard says George Thomas is a violent person.

Thomas got a four-year sentence in January of 2016 and was released from prison about a year later, with a GPS ankle monitor and on probation.

Records show Thomas completed counseling and anger management classes but recently, DOC says Thomas flooded DA Ballard with messages, including these phrases:

"Be very careful."
"You will be punished by God for your actions against the very people you are supposed to protect."
"To stop evil, must you use even more powerful evil?"

Ballard says won't be intimidated by threats, that he will stand up for victims and not back down from anyone.

The probation office recommends Thomas' probation be revoked, saying the thoughts and behaviors that led to his initial crimes are back, making Thomas a clear risk to the community, his victim and public officials.

Ballard says he'd like to see Thomas stay behind bars until he's stable and determined to no longer be a threat.

Thomas asked a judge Thursday to remove his ankle monitor, but the judge refused based on the new information from the Department of Corrections.