CATOOSA, Oklahoma - Catoosa Police arrested a man after they said they found a large amount of meth on him at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Kenneth Thunderburk is in the Rogers County Jail after police said he trespassed the casino property. Officers said they found more than 28 grams of meth, or about one ounce, in his pocket.

"Twenty-eight grams of meth, especially when it wasn't broken up yet, you don't run into that every day,” Officer Brent Colbert said.

Police said Thunderburk is banned from the Hard Rock and got the attention of security on Friday.

"They said he was just kinda driving around and they believed he might have been intoxicated,” Colbert said. “He was just driving real slow through the parking lot."

Police said they also found more than $1100 dollars in cash on Thunderburk, and that he has a criminal history. 

The arrest could make a positive difference in the number of other crimes in the area, according to authorities. 

"When you take a large amount of methamphetamine off the streets, you're making a dent into the burglaries as well,” Colbert said.

Thunderburk was arrested on complaints of trafficking meth and trespassing.