TULSA, Oklahoma - The Laura Dester Children's Center in Tulsa is set to re-open its residential treatment program.

The Department of Human Services decided to stop using the center for children who DHS could not place in foster care.


According to DHS, no child has been placed at Laura Dester Center since March. And the kids that were staying there were placed somewhere else.

The center will re-open and serve youth in the state who have intellectual disabilities and severe emotional disturbances who are in the custody of DHS.

DHS and Liberty of Oklahoma held a news conference Monday morning to announce the establishment of a short term residential treatment program on the Laura Dester campus.

Speakers included Sarah Stitt, Governor-elect, Kevin Stitt's first lady, DHS director Ed Lake and Hugh Sage, the director of Liberty of Oklahoma.

The new facility is located in the 7300 block of East Pine Street.