TULSA, Oklahoma - Police confirm they are investigating a Tulsa daycare after a report of inappropriate touching. The Child Crisis detectives said a girl reported being touched inappropriately at the Tiny Tots Daycare near 71st and Lewis.

Police said the allegation involves the son of the daycare owners.

A similar allegation was made against at the same daycare provider two years ago when they were at a different location. That also involved a son, but at that time child welfare found it to be unsubstantiated and closed the case without taking any action.

This current case was reported to police and the Department of Human Services last week. Police said they've notified all the parents of kids enrolled at the daycare and are trying to schedule forensic interviews with the 30 or so kids, which could take weeks.

I called Tiny Tots Monday, and the person who answered the phone said they have no comment.

Police said the daycare is owned by a couple, and two of their adult sons work there.

A 2016 report said back then, an 11-year-old and her 8-year-old sister reported one of the couple's sons, who was 17 then, had touched them inappropriately at Tiny Tots when it was at a different location.

The report said the girls gave details during their forensic interviews, but the son denied it and none of the other kids at the daycare reported any abuse when they were questioned.

It said DHS child welfare found the allegations to be unsubstantiated, requested no further action be taken and asked for the case to be closed.

Again, the current investigation is just in the beginning stages. No one has been arrested or charged, and police said they won't know if that will even happen until the other daycare children are interviewed.