TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police are asking for help to find the man they say sold a phone under false pretenses.

Police say the victim bought a phone from the man, for his 10-year-old daughter for Christmas but the phone still had an activation lock on it.

TPD also released this portion of the victim’s statement from his online report.

"It should be noted that I realize the TPD have plenty of bigger fish to fry per say, maybe this goes nowhere, but, I told the individual that this was to be a gift for my 10-year-old daughter for Christmas and he assured me there were no issues with the phone, so now I'm motivated to put as much energy as I can into catching this piece of work. I get the feeling this is a regular money maker for him. I don't want this to happen anyone else,” said the victim.

Call crime stoppers if you recognize him at 918-596-cops.