TULSA, Oklahoma - The clean up is still ongoing after a major water line broke in Henryetta. The break was so large, businesses and schools closed down. 

While the water is back on mud is covering the streets in Henryetta and causing big problems across town.

A 14-inch main water line burst over the weekend draining nearly a million gallons of water from the city's supply.

"It's a nightmare for everybody. We wish it didn't happen," said Mayor Jennifer Munholland. "They had to start working on it quickly, figured we had to shut the towers down. We were losing over 2,000 gallons a minute," she said.

Because of that, residents quickly suffered from low water pressure and earlier and no water at all Monday morning

"It's way beyond frustrating. It's horrifying," said Henryetta resident Elizabeth Bradshaw.

At Walmart this afternoon, people lined up to fill jugs of clean water and over at the Classic Diner, the lack of water forced them to close early today.

"You have to have water in order to run a restaurant," said Lori Dudley of the Classic Diner.

The Henryetta school district also forced to cancel classes. This afternoon, crews who had been working for more than 24 straight hours, finally installed a fix and gradually, water started to flow normally again.

The city says their problem now is finding a way to pay for this unexpected problem.

"We'll have to budget amendments and come up with the money somewhere," said Munholland.

The city has now also issued a voluntary boil order.