TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police have arrested two people accused of carjacking two women at gunpoint, and then leading officers on a chase.

Officers said the women were just sitting in their car when Iola Canon and Robert Hogard came up to them, pointed a shotgun in their faces, and demanded they get out of the car.

"The suspect approached them, based upon what we're being told, and produced a shotgun to one of the victim's head," Capt. Malcolm Williams said. "(The suspects) took their keys, got them out of the car, told them not to look back, and fled the scene."

After the victims called 911, police were on the scene within minutes.

"It was quick police work," Officer Jeanne Pierce said. "Officers arrived on the scene really quickly and were able to set the perimeter up where the carjacking occurred."

Investigators said they immediately started searching for the stolen car, and not long after, an officer spotted it and tried to pull over the two suspects.

"There was a brief pursuit with this vehicle," Pierce said.

Officers said that pursuit ended near 1000 N Garnett, about six miles away from where the car was stolen.

Police were ready to bring out the K9's, but officers found the Canon and Hogard first.

"[The suspects] ran from the vehicle, and tried to hide in a hotel in the area," Pierce said. "But officers were able to locate them and take them into custody."

The two victims were visibly shaken up at the scene, but police said no one was hurt.

The victims did not want to talk on camera.

Investigators said they were able to arrest the suspects in just 15-20 minutes after the 911 call because the victims gave them such great descriptions of the suspects and the stolen car.