OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma - A selfless act by a Wetumka woman is gaining praise all across Oklahoma. On December 12, 37-year-old Natasha Wilbourn donated one of her kidneys to a Seminole man she didn’t even know. 

Salvadore Cazares, 24, had been on kidney dialysis for two years and was going to die. Three weeks ago, doctors at OU Medical Center learned Cazares and Wilbourn were a perfect match for the transplant. 

Wilbourn says God told her she was going to donate one of her kidneys a year and a half ago.

“People can live perfectly healthy lives with one kidney,” she said.

Wilbourn and Cazares met for the first time on Tuesday at OU Medical Center. 

Around 800 people just in Oklahoma are waiting for a life-saving organ donation according to Lifeshare Oklahoma. To find out how you can help Click Here.