The Wagoner County Sheriff's Office said they have arrested a couple for first-degree homicide involving a child and sexual abuse charges.
Court records show Bill and Lisa Woolley's 14-month grandchild Elijah Woolley was found dead in his home in the 7400 block of South Delucca Street in Broken Arrow on March 30, 2018.

Elijah was found dead in his playpen in March, and an autopsy determined the toddler suffocated. Records show Elijah Woolley also had "multiple penetrating blunt impact injuries to the anus."

An affidavit states the Woolleys acted together in the "willful or malicious injuring, torturing, maiming or using or unreasonable force" that resulted in the boy's death, according to charges filed by Wagoner County District Attorney Jack Thorp.

The Woolleys are also charged in the alleged sexual abuse of another child. Investigators said Bill Woolley, 59, was responsible for the abuse and Lisa Woolley, 56, enabled it, records show.

Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott said the other child told investigators Bill Woolley sexually abused him and Elijah. That child is in DHS custody.
An autopsy showed Elijah suffered from sexual abuse and died by suffocation, Elliott said.
"A district attorney has no more sacred duty than the duty to fight for the truly voiceless, and Elijah Woolley was the epitome of voiceless innocence," Thorp said.
"Once Wagoner County Sheriff's investigators uncovered the facts in this case, we have been committed to justice for Elijah and the young relative who helped us uncover facts that have lead to the charges in this case."
The Woolleys are in the Wagoner County Jail.