BIXBY, Oklahoma - A 12-year-old Bixby student suffered permanent eye damage after another student accidentally hit her in the eye with a pencil.

Gracie Schoolfield said she was just walking to the school bus when the accident happened.

"The person who did it definitely didn't mean to. It was completely unexpected," she said.

Dr. Brian Williams, optometrist, said the pencil penetrated into the eye, into the lens and into the back of the eye.

Gracie is now on the mend, but her journey is far from over.

Her family says she is a gymnast with national titles under her belt and Olympic aspirations. They're worried this could affect her future.

"It could, because it contributes to balance and coordination. But, she's been doing it so long, so hopefully that muscle memory is just going to kick in," said Ryan Schoolfield, Gracie's dad.

Gracie plans to return to cheerleading in a few months, once she's healed.