TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police have tracked a carjacking suspect using OnStar technology. 

Police say it all started at the Brighton Park Apartments. The victim told police two people came up to him while he was sitting in his car, with a gun and forced him out.
The victim told police the couple took off with his car near the east 51st Street and south Yale Avenue area. What the suspects probably didn't know is the car had Onstar technology and police were able to track the vehicle to a house near Pine and Harvard in Tulsa.  
When police showed up they said Winston Covington and Michelle Caddell were sitting inside the car. Covington and Caddell were arrested on robbery complaints. 
The arrest and booking report said Caddell told detectives the keys to the car were given to her voluntarily.
The report also said detectives connected Covington to a 2016 Dollar General Robbery during an interview.