WAGONER COUNTY, Oklahoma - Three people are in jail accused of robbing a Dominoes delivery driver at gunpoint and stealing his car in a Broken Arrow neighborhood.

Wagoner County deputies said the suspects led Tulsa Police on a chase in the delivery driver's car.

News On 6 spoke to the man who ordered the pizza in the first place. Taylor Janda was just about to start eating his pizza when all of a sudden someone started banging on his door.

Janda had no idea ordering a pizza would turn out like this. Just seconds after paying, he was protecting the delivery man.

"When I opened up the door and realized it was him, I thought he just forgot something. He wasn't really banging on it but he was hitting the door pretty hard," said Janda.

Wagoner County Deputies said three juveniles robbed the delivery man at gunpoint and took his car.

"I tried to calm him down and take a couple deep breaths and we called the cops immediately," said Janda said.

Deputies said Tulsa Police joined in the search. They said the officers spotted the stolen vehicle, and the suspects led them on a short chase before eventually arresting them near 61st and Peoria.

Janda said it took a while for the delivery guy to calm down.

"He informed me that four or three houses down that a vehicle was kind of following him but the vehicle pulled backwards into someone's driveway and as he was walking to his car they were waiting for him," Janda said.

Janda said he's just thankful he was there to help. He said this was an eye-opener because this kind of stuff just doesn't happen where he lives.

"We have a captain just up the road. There's another Tulsa Police Officer just right down the road. I mean we are surrounded by officers around here,” said Janda.

TPD is trying to figure out if the three juveniles are connected to other crimes in the Tulsa area.

Deputies said the Tulsa Police Department was extremely helpful in offering assistance to Wagoner County Deputies. 

Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott said, “It is a very troubling to have such a violent crime be committed by 3 juvenile subjects.  I am proud of my deputies for ensuring these individuals are no longer terrifying the citizens of Wagoner and Tulsa Counties.  These two counties are blessed to have professional law enforcement agencies that work closely together to ensure the safety of our citizens.  Without the assistance of TPD these three may still be out committing crimes.”