TULSA, Oklahoma -

Prosecutors filed three charges against a former Tulsa County Jail detention officer police said tried to break into trucks owned by the city of Sand Springs.

Dalton Wayne Wildcat, 25, faces one count of DUI, one count of transporting an open container and one count of malicious injury or destruction of property. All three charges are misdemeanors.

Sand Springs Police arrested Wildcat early in the morning on Monday, December 10, 2018 when they say he drove out of the water treatment plant in the 8700 block of West 21st Street.

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Police said they responded to the plant after getting a report of an auto burglary in progress. In their report, police said the man who reported the break-in said he saw a man in a red shirt breaking into a city of Sand Springs truck. The man said he also saw the person try to break into a second truck, then drive away in a white Chevy car.

Police said in their report that Wildcat was driving a white Chevy Cruze and wearing a red shirt when they saw him leaving the water treatment plant.


According to the arrest report, police stopped Wildcat's car and could smell alcohol on him. Police said Wildcat told them he took a wrong turn then got nervous when he saw patrol cars and drove through the gate.
The arresting officer said Wildcat told him, "I'm guilty of DUI 1st offense." The officer also wrote that Wildcat said, "I've had four beers and four shots."
In a news release on the day of his arrest, the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office said he had been placed on unpaid leave. The office says he has since resigned.