CATOOSA, Oklahoma - Christmas has come early for several families in Catoosa, thanks to local law enforcement. 

A November fundraiser has turned into a December of giveaways in the Catoosa community. 

Catoosa police officers and their beards, raised $8000 during no shave November. Officers broke protocol by growing beards and they had to pay a $25 fine each week. Now they are using that money to spread Christmas cheer all across the community. 

Officers used their police cruisers instead of Santa's sleigh to deliver gifts to kids, Saturday. 

"Today we are doing give full family Christmases. We have brought presents. We have brought full Christmas dinners that were donated by Walmart. And we also bought shoes and clothes for them as well," said Brent Colbert, from Catoosa Police. 

Officer loaded up their cruisers and hand delivered gifts to each family, making sure everyone has a great Christmas. 

"We got a list from each family of what either the kids or the parents wanted. We've got the money to spend it so we wanted to say here this is what you wanted," said Colbert. "Is there anything better than seeing the smile on the kids faces when you deliver the presents? No. That's just what makes it worth it, you know." 

Officers have been playing Santa all month long. 

Instead of tickers, some Catoosa officers have been surprising people with $50 gift cards during traffic stops. 

Officers say it has been one big teem effort. 

"I don't think you'll find an officer here that didn't participate raising money or didn't help out finding families," said Colbert. 

While they're still keeping an eye on crime in Catoosa, police say it was a gift for them as well, to make the holiday season a little brighter this year. 

"It's a nice change of pace. We will gladly do this as much as need be every year," he said.