MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - Christmas came early for one Muskogee family Sunday.

We told you earlier this month about Sgt. Ryan Hogan, a young soldier who died at Fort Bliss.

The group "Red Dirt Military Moms" out of Stillwater announced on its Facebook page it wanted to help his family, by giving Christmas gifts to his two young children. 

The presents came from far beyond Oklahoma's borders, as far away as Arizona, California, Texas, Kentucky and Florida.

"I just want to thank you all for everything that you've done for my grand babies,” Ryan’s mother, Jeanette Hogan said.

"This is what happens with military. Only a military family knows what another military family is going through,” Red Dirt Military Moms Co-Founder Eva Turner said.

Hogan died November 15th. His family said the Army is still investigating what happened at Fort Bliss. Ryan was just 27-years-old.

"We miss him dearly,” Jeanette said.

"He was just, lived and breathed the military,” his aunt, Jacquelyn Moses said. “And we just love him dearly. He was a great guy."

Ryan's two-year-old Jace, and five-year-old Abel now have presents overflowing beyond their Christmas tree.

Someone even packed a gift for the boys' mom, Shannon Hogan.

"I'm just glad that they're going to have a special Christmas,” Shannon said. Even though he won’t be here, but, it'll be good."

"It goes to show there's still good people in this world that do care,” Jeanette said.

There were so many gifts for the boys, the family decided not to open everything, so they'll still have more to unwrap on Christmas Day.