TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police have released more information about what led to the stabbing death of a man at a Christmas party.

Police said Anthony Lasarge was booked into the Tulsa County jail on a second degree murder complaint.

"Most of the people involved in this incident were intoxicated," TPD Officer Jeanne Pierce said.

Pierce said the victim, Christopher Flynn, and his girlfriend were at a Christmas party when the couple got into a fight that turned physical. She said the girlfriend was severely assaulted.

Pierce said the couple left the party and went to Lasarge's house so the girlfriend could clean herself up. That's when officers said  Lasarge confronted Flynn, demanding to know if he caused the injuries.

"He says, I want you to leave my house," Pierce said. "At that point, he goes into the kitchen and gets a knife."

At some point, Pierce said the two men ended up fighting on the front porch.

"While they're fighting is when Flynn gets stabbed one time in the torso," she continued.

Neighbor Raymond Beck said he and his girlfriend were asleep when they heard the commotion.

"Our dog started barking and somebody was banging at the door and me and my girlfriend got up out of bed and she come outside and she was yelling call 911, call 911," he said.

Officer Pierce said domestic violence does go up this time of year, but she believes this death could've been avoided.

"I just don't think that, had these individuals been sober, this would have turned out the way it turned out."