BIXBY, Oklahoma - Part of Bixby's High School band is in the United Kingdom preparing to perform in the London New Year's Day parade, while other parts of the band are still trying to make it there.

Flight delays have impacted travel for the band.

The group consists of 150 students plus chaperones and family members. They were scheduled to leave on 6 separate flights Thursday from Tulsa International Airport. But ran into some issues when a flight out of Tulsa was canceled.

They believe it was due to weather or just lack of an airline crew.

A representative with the Bixby band tells News On 6, the canceled flight meant some of the students had to drive to Dallas and fly to London from there, but some didn't make it on that plane.

The group says they have been planning this trip for over 2 years now and they scheduled for two performances while they are there, one in the New Year's Day parade and another at Cadogon Hall on Saturday, December 29th.

Right now, the representative says five of the six flights have landed in London, while some students are still waiting to fly out of Oklahoma. It looks like they will all make it just in time for their first performance on Saturday.

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