COLBERT, Oklahoma - A Bryan County firefighter is recovering from a concussion and a sprained wrist after a car slammed into his fire truck. Colbert Firefighter Ryan Crossman was sitting in the driver's seat of the fire truck on the scene of one crash when a car hit the truck bed, KXII reports.

"After he hit me, I threw my hands up to try to keep myself from hitting the steering wheel or the dash, but I caught my wrist on the dash," Crossman said.

Police say an inattentive driver caused the crash. The car that hit the fire truck was totaled.

The fire truck has a damaged steering wheel, water pump, and truck bed. KXII reports the Colbert Fire Department says it could cost up to $6,000 to fix the fire truck.

The other driver wasn't hurt but did get three tickets. The Colbert Fire Chief said it was surprising accidents like that don't happen more often.

"They crowd right up to the last minute to scoot over. When you see the fire trucks, police cars, scoot over ahead of time and give them room. If someone had been around that truck, they could have been killed. He spun the whole truck sideways on the highway," said Fire Chief Jonathan Horn.