FORT GIBSON, Oklahoma - A Fort Gibson K-9 officer has taken his final ride. Law enforcement agencies from across Green Country came together to honor a hero Friday.

Officer Brent Maddocks and his family have years of memories with Boss. They said he was great with kids, but he was also a criminal's worst nightmare.

They spent Friday making sure Boss was surrounded by love, up until his last breath. 12-year-old Boss took his last breaths Friday wrapped in an American flag boldly showcasing a thin blue line.

"He was a police officer, just like all of us. He did his job without question," said Officer Maddocks.

Just an hour before his final moments, Boss was in the backyard, soaking in the sun, surrounded by some of his favorite people.

"He had a beer this morning. He ate his treats," said Maddocks.

Boss was a K9 officer with Fort Gibson Police for a little over seven years.

"Just depends on whatever I had in store for him that day, he would rise to the occasion every time," said Maddocks.

In his prime, Officer Maddocks said Boss was tough and relentless but his hip dysphasia eventuality became too painful to continue working.

"He would go to work today if he could," said Maddocks.

After he retired he spent his days and nights alongside Officer Maddocks' family.

"My daughter grew up with him," Maddocks said.

Friday, the law enforcement community came together to make one last memory with Boss; to take a moment and honor him for all he had given the Fort Gibson community.

He was so weak officers had to carry him into the vet on a blanket, staying by his side until he took his last breath.

"He earned it. Then and back," Maddocks said.