Rogers County Sheriff's Office is looking for a man who they believe stole several guns and then dumped them in a creek in Nowata County.

The guns were recovered by the OHP Dive team on Sunday.

Rogers County Sheriff's Office says several guns were stolen from the same victim twice - once in 2017 and once in 2018. And now with this discovery, they have reason to believe the same person committed both crimes.

“We’ve got all kinds of thieves, but thugs that want to steal guns are a special interest of ours,” said Sheriff Scott Walton.

A man who lives near Lightning Creek in Nowata County says his 14-year-old grandson was in town visiting for Christmas this past weekend when he and a friend saw a gun sticking out of the water.

He says they realized there were several guns in the creek and called for help.

“Game warden was notified as well as Nowata County Sheriff's Office and OHP dive team, and all of that chain of events yields stolen guns out of the water,” said Sheriff Walton.

Sheriff Scott Walton says when deputies ran the serial numbers, they matched some guns that were stolen from the same home near Chelsea in two separate burglaries.

During the second burglary, security cameras were able to get a glimpse of a man in a mask trying to come through a window.

Gun theft suspect photo from Rogers County Sheriff's Office.


"We certainly believe that the same person committed both of those burglaries and that’s a concern of ours - anytime that we see guns that can get in the wrong hands of people who don’t need them,” said Sheriff Walton.

Sheriff Walton says investigators have developed some good leads in several old stolen gun cases, and he believes they may have scared the suspect into throwing them in the water.

“Recently some questions were asked about some specific weapons, and as a result of that I think we got someone’s attention, and they decided to unleash what they had that they thought might get them caught,” said Sheriff Walton.

But ultimately Sheriff Walton hopes they can find out who this man is so they can get the stolen guns out of the hands of the wrong people and back to their rightful owner.

“Here’s a guy that’s been double victimized, lost property that was near and dear to him and whether they were or they weren’t they were purchased with his hard earned money, and we want to hold someone accountable for that,” said Sheriff Walton.

If you have any information on who the man in the photo is or where he may be, call the Rogers County Sheriff's Office tip line at 918-341-3620.