CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - A Rogers County Deputy is being credited with saving a potentially suicidal man during a traffic stop.

It happened in early November, and the Sheriff's Office said they believe their deputy was able to potentially save a life.

Sheriff Scott Walton said Rogers County Sheriff's Deputy Zachary Starkey was working overtime, watching traffic when he pulled over a man for not wearing a seatbelt. Sheriff Scott Walton said his deputy gave the man a warning, but then the man started crying.

"He makes some inquiries on that and actually learns that the man is seriously contemplating, with a plan, suicide," said Sheriff Scott Walton.

Sheriff Scott Walton said the deputy was able to get in contact with the man's family, and the man agreed to get help.

"In this busy time I'll just slow down a little bit have a little conversation with this guy and prove to the whole wide world that we just don't know what else might be going through him," said Sheriff Walton.

Sheriff Walton said he's proud of his deputy for recognizing the man needed help and it's fortunate that the man was able to go home safe to his family.

"Deputy Starkey walked away a winner with a good feeling, and more importantly this man and his family survived what could absolutely be a tragedy," said Sheriff Walton.

If you or someone you know needs help, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255.