ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - Two people rushed in to help after a deadly head on crash in Rogers County.

A 91-year-old Claremore man is dead after the crash on Highway 20 Friday morning.

"I saw somebody's dad there somebody's grandpa" said Rose Pickens.

"There were so many people out here fighting for him" said Kevin Benton.

Pickens said she was at work across from Will Rogers Downs when she heard the crash on Highway 20.

"It was just a big boom our windows rattled and I ran outside immediately" said Pickens.

Benton was on his way to Pryor. "I just kind of slammed on my brakes and pulled off to the side" said Benton.

Both said they jumped in to help.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said 91 year old Ray Jenkins was driving a truck on the eastbound side of Highway 20, when he made a U-turn, driving westbound in the east bound lane and collided with a car. Pickens said after checking on the driver of the car, she ran over to the truck and saw an unconscious man.

"I felt for a pulse and there was no pulse and I just immediately started CPR" said Pickens.

She said it was tough doing CPR with the man still inside. That's where Kevin Benton came in.

"Picked him up and carried him to the side of the road over here laid him on the ground" said Benton.

Benton said as the women continued CPR he put his hand on the mans leg.

"I was just praying for him and his family and that god give him grace and mercy and comfort" said Benton.

Despite Benton and Pickens best efforts, the man died at the hospital.

A tough thing for anyone to hear. But if there's any consolation it's even in the worst of times, everyday people step up to help.

"Just trying to be selfless in a selfish world that we live in now...I would pray that someone would do the same for me" said Benton.

"We are just praying for his family that they have comfort at this time" said Pickens