BRISTOW, Oklahoma - Law Enforcement agencies are out in full force trying to keep the roads safe on New Year’s Eve. At least two Green Country police departments are offering a unique solution to driving home while under the influence.

Chief Wayne Williams of the Bristow Police Department first heard about the idea early this morning.

"Told me that she saw the idea that Bartlesville Police Dept. had about giving people rides home if they had a little bit too much to drink on New Year's Eve," said Chief Wayne Williams of the Bristow Police Department.

The Chief said Sgt. Kendra Raney will be giving Bristow residents rides home this New Years Eve. At least two other officers are also on standby to help out if needed as well. Kenny Cook whose convenience store in Bristow sells food and alcohol thought it is a great idea.

"To have that help knowing that they are going to be out there you know driving these people home makes it a little easier for us to know that these people are getting home safe" Kenny Cook, the Owner of Kenny's Convenience Store & More in Bristow.

Chief Williams believes this is a way the city can cut down on accidents as partiers try to get home safely.

And about an hour away, another Police Department is jumping into the driver's seat. Chief Tracy Roles of the Bartlesville Police Department will be on call picking people up and dropping them off within Bartlesville city limits.

If you live in Bristow all you have to do is call Police Dispatch at 918-367-2252 for a ride home from Sergeant Raney. If you live in Bartlesville just call their dispatch at 918-338-4001 and Chief Roles will come to get you. Both will operate between 10 PM and 2 AM in their respective city limits

All in an effort to save lives. "I think this is great to show the public that we do things other than just taking people to jail and writing tickets," said Chief Williams. Police said if you don't have a ride call a car service like UBER,  Lyft or a taxi.