TPD photo of Marcio Garcia.









Extra New Year’s Eve patrols led to the arrest of a suspected drunk driver, but not before police say he led them on a wild chase and slammed into a house.

Troopers say Marcio Garcia told them he had been drinking since 2 in the afternoon and was going on a "beer run" before leading troopers on a chase.

The new year isn't off to a good start for Jose Gonzalez. Investigators say Garcia slammed into his car while trying to get away from state troopers.

"[I'm] pretty sad about the car because [I] use it a lot for work and not too long ago, two weeks, [I] got the transmission fixed which cost [me] around three hundred dollars," Gonzalez said.

Troopers arrested Marcio Garcia after they say he led them on a chase, driving through yards, hitting two cars and slipping a breaker box. OHP said it started with Garcia doing donuts with an SUV near Pine and Memorial.

When Troopers tried to stop him, they said he took off, leading them into a neighborhood, circling the block four times, and causing a lot of damage.

"On the second time around, it took out two cars and power box and then ended up behind a residence where it ran into the back of a house," said OHP Lieutenant Dwight Durant.

Now dealing with damage to his car, Gonzalez hopes the rest of the year is much better than how 2019 started.

"The Mustang was actually dragged into the house right there and [I] just couldn't believe that [my] car was like this," said Gonzalez.

Tulsa area law enforcement agencies teamed up News Years Even for the "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" campaign to get impaired drivers off the streets. Although there is damage, troopers say they're thankful no one was hurt.

"The pursuit lasted long enough that we were able to get TPD and other units in the vicinity and had a perimeter set up really quick," said Durant.

Garcia is in the Tulsa County jail. Troopers said Garcia told them he borrowed the car and ran because he didn't want a DUI.