News On 6 has done many stories over the years about Greg Wilhoit, a Tulsa man who was convicted of murdering his wife and served five years on death row, before being found innocent.

Because the focus was always on the injustice Greg endured, the fact that his wife's murder was never solved got lost in the shuffle. But now, Kathy Wilhoit's oldest child is looking for answers.

Kathy and Greg met in the spring of 1983, were married by June, and quickly had two daughters. The couple had separated but still saw each other when Kathy was raped and beat to death in her Tulsa apartment.

Kathy was only 34 years old and her babies were upstairs during the murder. Her oldest was 14 months old; her youngest, four months.

Krissy Zarn was the oldest. She says, "Neighbors heard us crying and could see in the window, see me standing up in my crib. She was killed in the middle of the night and were found in the early evening. So, we were alone for a long time."

Krissy and her sister were raised by a loving couple in Broken Arrow and at first, were shielded from the details of the murder and the fact their father had been convicted of it and sent to death row until Krissy got a little older and began asking questions.

She says, "The term they used to us was, mommy Kathy, which is what we called her, got beat up very badly and they think Daddy Greg did it, so he's in jail for that."

Greg was exonerated and released from prison when Krissy was seven. They maintained a relationship and she attended his anti-death penalty speeches. Krissy got married and raised a family and Kathy's unsolved murder kind of got lost, but, now Krissy wants answers.

She says, "What happened to her was not right, nobody deserves what happened to her and she deserves justice, you know?"

We're told most of the evidence in Kathy's case was destroyed because it only has to be kept so long, by law, if there's a conviction. Ironically, had the case always remained unsolved, the evidence would still exist.

Anyone with information about the case should call CrimeStoppers at 918-596-COPS.