TULSA, Oklahoma - Drivers in downtown Tulsa are trying to figure out all the new detours now that a new construction project on the IDL started Wednesday.

We've been talking about this for a while, but until you're behind the wheel, you don't truly appreciate how it will affect your drive to work or into or out of the city.

ODOT map of the IDL construction project beginning January 2, 2019.


"Fortunately, with the IDL there's already an automatic detour route built into it. So, it makes it easy for us to go in and close one direction of one leg at a time in order to do this work and it's more efficient to go in and pull everything from the ground up and at the same time easier than breaking it apart into different segments," said Kenna Mitchell.

This project will impact a lot of people. It's really important with the forecast of bad weather the next few days to give yourself even more time just in case you get out here and realize your normal route looks a bit different now.

As always, as each phase begins, we will give you a heads up. The whole project will take about a year to finish.