MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - Charges have been filed against a Muskogee veteran who police pepper-sprayed and arrested at Walmart. Police said it started when Jason Williams tried to buy wine but didn't want to show identification for it.

On Thursday, the Muskogee County District Attorney filed four charges against Williams: assault and battery on a police officer (felony), obstructing an officer (misdemeanor), disturbing the peace (misdemeanor), and trespassing (misdemeanor).

Williams said he absolutely plans on suing the city and the police department for what they did to him. He said he'll take any money he wins from a lawsuit and re-invest it into the city and the police department, so officers can be retrained to better deal with people with disabilities.

There are allegations Williams is misrepresenting his service in the military. News On 6 is investigating those claims and will share what we find out.