Tulsa Police Department said someone stole a World Series ring during a home break-in. The victim said she just wants the priceless family heirloom returned.

That victim says the ring belonged to her late grandfather. Now she just wants it back - and hopes someone recognizes the thief because the crime was caught on camera.

A Tulsa burglar caught on a home's surveillance camera stole a little more than just replaceable jewelry. Police say he stole a 1978 Yankees World Series ring.

"It's something that's kind of one of a kind because it has his name printed on the ring," said Sergeant Tim Means, Tulsa Police.

The break-in happened the day after Christmas at a home near 5th and Harvard when the homeowner Morgan Pimberton was out of town for the holidays.

"My dog walker thought that there was a package on my porch," said crime victim Morgan Pimberton.

"Turns out it wasn't a package, it was a piece of wood from the frame of my door."

Pimberton said the thief had busted through her front door, ransacked her home and stole random items. But she says he also stole a jewelry box off of her dresser, and inside was the ring - she thinks he didn't know was here.

"He probably thinks it's fake," she said.

Pimberton said the ring belonged to her grandpa who was a scout for the Yankees during their 1978 championship season.
And the ring is one of the only things she has to remember him by.

"This ring is really important to my family. Especially since he was kind of the only grandparent I knew growing up," she said.

And while she obviously wants her other things back as well, Pimberton says the ring is one thing she can't replace.

"I don't have a lot of value I admit, but as far as familial value that ring is really important to me," said Morgan Pimberton.

Detectives are still trying to identify that suspect, and they want neighbors to be on alert. If you know anything about the theft, call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.