TULSA, Oklahoma - An accused child rapist is back behind bars facing more charges. Bradley Rains is now accused of sex crimes in Tulsa and Creek counties.

Rains faces three different charges of sexual abuse of a child under 12, and investigators said there could be more victims that need to be found.

Bradley Rains in jail in a new county Friday night. Five months after he was arrested in Creek County for rape and sexual abuse, prosecutors have charged him in Tulsa County on new, disturbing charges.

"The investigation has been going on for a few months, and we learned a little more as time goes by," said Deputy Sheriff Fred Clark, Creek County Sheriff's Office.

Creek County Deputy Sheriff Fred Clark said they've been investigating Rains since last August when a woman contacted them saying her three pre-teen daughters were being sexually abused by Rains.

"Anytime you have a crime like this against a young child, it strikes a chord," Clark said.

Court documents just filed in Tulsa County reveal Rains admitted to having sex with all three of the girls he knew. Records show the sexual abuse dates back to 2011, meaning one of the girls was potentially as young as 2 when the abuse began.

Back in August, Rains was charged in Creek County because the abuse happened in Kiefer. But after investigating for several months and interviewing victims, detectives learned Rains also allegedly abused the girls at houses in Glenpool and Tulsa as well.

"Potentially there could be other victims and we're working to determine that right now," Deputy Fred Clark said.