MIAMI, Oklahoma - It's been more than a week since anyone has heard from a missing man from Miami.

The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office said Mark Rogers was last seen when his dad dropped him off at Lari’s Residential Care in Langley the day after Christmas.

He had no car, cell phone or wallet, the sheriff’s office said.

"Mark is one of those guys that just always put Miami first,” Jim Ellis, the Sports Editor at the Miami News-Record, said.

Rogers worked at the Miami News-Record for 28 years. He worked in advertising, but kept tabs on the businesses in town, in his column "Movers and Shakers." The 61-year-old is well known, and a friend to people like Ellis.

“The place just has not seemed the same without him because he had a distinctive laugh,” Ellis said. “Even over here, we could hear him laughing over something. And that's what I miss. That's what I really miss."

“It's been very difficult because this is not like Mark,” Ottawa County Sheriff Jeremy Floyd said.

Floyd said Rogers is battling depression and was staying at Lari's Residential Care to get help. Floyd believes Rogers either walked away, or someone picked him up.

“Family or friends don't believe that he was going to hurt himself or others,” Floyd said.

The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office, Mayes County Sheriff’s Office, OHP, and GRDA spent hours searching for Rogers earlier this week in the Langley area. Floyd said he's exhausted all efforts in Miami, where Rogers left his own mark on the town.

“I’ll probably break down like everybody else when he walks in the door and says, 'Hey, I'm back,’” Ellis said.

The Ottawa County Sheriff says he may organize another search, but nothing is set in stone right now.

Floyd has followed leads in Tahlequah, and Texas, but both were unsuccessful in finding Rogers.

If you see Rogers, call your local law enforcement office right away.